Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

Recovery Workarounds and Limitations

The GlassFish Server provides workarounds for some known issues with transaction recovery implementations.

Note –

These workarounds do not imply support for any particular JDBC driver.

Oracle Thin Driver

In the Oracle thin driver, the XAResource.recover method repeatedly returns the same set of in-doubt Xids regardless of the input flag. According to the XA specifications, the Transaction Manager initially calls this method with TMSTARTSCAN and then with TMNOFLAGS repeatedly until no Xids are returned. The XAResource.commit method also has some issues.

To disable the GlassFish Server workaround, set the oracle-xa-recovery-workaround property value to false. For details about how to set this property, see Configuring the Transaction Service. This workaround is used unless explicitly disabled.

Manual Transaction Recovery Limitation

Manual transaction recovery cannot recover transactions after a server crash. Manual operations are intended for cases when a resource dies unexpectedly while the server is running. In case of a server crash, only start-up recovery can recover in-doubt transactions.