Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

Client Technologies to Use With Comet

In addition to creating a web component that uses the Comet APIs, you need to enable your client to accept asynchronous updates from the web component. To accomplish this, you can use JavaScriptTM, IFrames, or a framework, such as Dojo.

An IFrame is an HTML element that allows you to include other content in an HTML page. As a result, the client can embed updated content in the IFrame without having to reload the page.

The example in this tutorial employs a combination of JavaScript and IFrames to allow the client to accept asynchronous updates. A servlet included in the example writes out JavaScript code to one of the IFrames. The JavaScript code contains the updated content and invokes a function in the page that updates the appropriate elements in the page with the new content.

The next section explains the two kinds of connections that you can make to the server. While you can use any of the client technologies listed in this section with either kind of connection, it is more difficult to use JavaScript with an HTTP-streaming connection.