Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Embedded Server Guide

embedded-glassfish:undeploy Goal

Note –

If you reference a nonembedded GlassFish Server installation using the glassfish-embedded-static-shell.jar file and do not undeploy your applications in the same server life cycle in which you deployed them, expanded archives for these applications remain under the domain-dir/applications directory.

This goal undeploys an application. You can set the parameters described in the following table.

Table 6 embedded-glassfish:undeploy Parameters





If the name is omitted, all applications are undeployed. 

The name of the application. 


Value of the drop-tables-at-undeploy attribute in sun-ejb-jar.xml.

(optional) If true, and deployment and undeployment occur in the same JVM session, database tables that were automatically created when the bean(s) were deployed are dropped when the bean(s) are undeployed.

If true, the name parameter must be specified or tables may not be dropped.



(optional) If true, deletes all connection pools and connector resources associated with the resource adapter being undeployed.

If false, undeployment fails if any pools or resources are still associated with the resource adapter.

This attribute is applicable to connectors (resource adapters) and applications with connector modules.