Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Scripting Framework Guide

Creating and Deploying a Simple Rails Application with Warbler

The procedure for creating a simple Rails application for Warbler, is similar to the procedure described in Creating a Simple Rails Application.

ProcedureTo Create a Rails Application

  1. Create a new directory for the Warbler application. For example:

    mkdir rails-warbler
  2. Change to rails-warbler directory and create a sample application called hello:

    jruby -S rails hello
  3. Edit the enviroment.rb file to indicate that your application does not use a database:

    Open rails-warbler/hello/config/environment.rb in a text editor.

  4. Remove the pound character (#) in front of line 21 to uncomment it so that it reads as follows and save:

    config.frameworks -= [ :active_record, :active_resource, :action_mailer ]
  5. Exit and save the file.

  6. Use Warbler to create a war file in rails-warbler/hello application directory:

    jruby -S warble

    This creates a hello.war file in the directory.

ProcedureTo Deploy the WAR File

  1. Change to the rails-warbler/hello application directory.

  2. Deploy the application WAR file to the GlassFish Server by running the asadmin command:

    asadmin deploy hello.war
  3. Run the hello application by entering the following URL in your browser: