Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Scripting Framework Guide

ProcedureTo Install the Jython Container for Oracle GlassFish Server

The GlassFish Server Update Tool provides a Jython container package. The following procedure explains how to install the Jython Container module and Grizzly adapter JAR files in the as-install/glassfish/modules directory, and enable deployment of Jython/Django applications on GlassFish Server.

  1. Start Update Tool with the following command:

  2. Choose the following option from Available Add-ons and click Install:

    GlassFish V3 Jython Container

    Update Tool automatically completes the installation of the container and configures it for use with GlassFish Server.

  3. Start the GlassFish Server:

    as-install/bin/asadmin start-domain -v
  4. Test the configuration:

    1. Change to the Django samples directory:

      cd Django-1.1.1/samples
    2. Deploy the example applications on the server:

      as-install/bin/asadmin deploy .
    3. Access the deployed example applications from a web browser: