Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Scripting Framework Guide

ProcedureTo Install Jython from Update Tool

The GlassFish Server Update Tool provides a Jython package. This package installs a Jython instance that enables creation of Jython applications for GlassFish Server. If you installed Jython from Update Tool, there is no need for further configuration of the jython.home property.

  1. Start Update Tool with the following command:

  2. Choose the following option from Available Add-ons and click Install:

    Jython Runtime IPS package for GlassFish v3

    Update center automatically completes the installation of the container and configures it for use with GlassFish Server.

  3. Set the following environmental variables:

    Set the JYTHON_HOME variable to the Jython install location:

    export JYTHON_HOME=as-install/glassfish/jython

    Add the JYTHON_HOME/bin directory to the path:

    export PATH=$JYTHON_HOME/bin:$PATH

    You should now be able to invoke Jython from command line as follows: