Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Troubleshooting Guide

Issues Related to asadmin

asadmin start-domain Command Fails

The command asadmin start-domain fails with the following error:

There is more than one domain...


When issued with no arguments, the command asadmin start-domain fails.

This error occurs when there is more than one domain in the domains directory, none of them is named domain1, and no domain is specified with the start-domain command.


Specify the domain when issuing the start-domain command:

asadmin start-domain domain-name

For example:

asadmin start-domain mycustomdomain

Cannot Stop Domain Using asadmin stop-domain


You cannot stop the domain using the asadmin stop-domain command.


Look for error messages that display in the console when you issue the command.

Search the server.log file for error messages related to your inability to stop the domain.