Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Monitoring Scripting Client Installation and Quick Start Guide

Configuring Monitoring Scripting Client

Before using Monitoring Scripting Client, you must configure it. Configuration of Monitoring Scripting Client is required regardless of whether Oracle GlassFish Server was initially installed or acquired through an upgrade.

Configuring Monitoring Scripting Client involves enabling Comet support for an HTTP listener of GlassFish Server and deploying the Monitoring Scripting Client web application.

ProcedureTo Configure Monitoring Scripting Client

  1. Start or restart an administrative domain.

    • If no administrative domain is running, start a domain.

      asadmin start-domain domain
    • If an administrative domain is running, restart the domain.

      asadmin restart-domain domain

    domain is the name of the administrative domain to start or restart.

  2. Enable Comet support for an HTTP listener of GlassFish Server.

    asadmin set

    listener-name is the name of the HTTP listener for which to enable Comet support.

    For example, to enable Comet support for the HTTP listener http-listener-1, type:

    asadmin set
  3. Deploy the application in the monitoring-scripting-client.war file.

    asadmin deploy as-install/monitoring-scripting-client/war/monitoring-scripting-client.war

    as-install is the directory in which GlassFish Server is installed.