Your First Cup: An Introduction to the Java EE Platform

The Web Tier

The web tier consists of components that handle the interaction between clients and the business tier. Its primary tasks are the following:

Java EE Technologies Used in the Web Tier

The following Java EE technologies are used in the web tier in Java EE applications:

Table 2–1 Web-Tier Java EE Technologies




Java programming language classes that dynamically process requests and construct responses, usually for HTML pages 

JavaServerTM Faces technology

A user-interface component framework for web applications that allows you to include UI components (such as fields and buttons) on a page, convert and validate UI component data, save UI component data to server-side data stores, and maintain component state. 

JavaServer Faces Facelets technology 

Facelets applications are a type of JavaServer Faces applications that use XHTML pages rather than JSPTM pages.

Expression Language 

A set of standard tags used in JSP and Facelets pages to refer to Java EE components. 

JavaServer Pages (JSP) 

Text-based documents that are compiled into servlets and define how dynamic content can be added to static pages, such as HTML pages. 

JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library 

A tag library that encapsulates core functionality common to JSP pages 

JavaBeans Components 

Objects that act as temporary data stores for the pages of an application