Your First Cup: An Introduction to the Java EE Platform

Getting the Latest Updates to the Tutorial

Check for any updates to the tutorial by using the Update Center included with the Java EE 6 SDK.

ProcedureUpdating the Tutorial Through the Update Center

Open the Update Center and check for any updates to the tutorial.

  1. Open the Services tab in NetBeans IDE and expand Servers.

  2. Right-click the GlassFish Server instance and select View Update Center to display the Update Tool.

  3. Select Available Updates in the tree to display a list of updated packages.

  4. Look for updates to the First Cup 2. 0 for Java EE 6 (javaee-firstcup-tutorial) package.

  5. If there is an updated version of First Cup 2.0, select First Cup 2. 0 for Java EE 6 (javaee-firstcup-tutorial) and click Install.