Oracle GlassFish Message Queue 4.4.2 Administration Guide

Pausing and Resuming a Physical Destination

Pausing a physical destination temporarily suspends the delivery of messages from producers to the destination, from the destination to consumers, or both. This can be useful, for instance, to prevent destinations from being overwhelmed when messages are being produced much faster than they are consumed. You must also pause a physical destination before compacting it (see Managing Physical Destination Disk Utilization).

To pause the delivery of messages to or from a physical destination, use the imqcmd pause dst subcommand:

   imqcmd pause dest  [-t destType  -n destName]
                      [-pst pauseType]

If you omit the destination type and name (-t and -n options), all physical destinations will be paused. The pause type (-pst) specifies what type of message delivery to pause:


Pause delivery from message producers to the destination


Pause delivery from the destination to message consumers


Pause all message delivery (both producers and consumers)

If no pause type is specified, all message delivery will be paused.

For example, the following command pauses delivery from message producers to the queue destination curlyQueue:

   imqcmd pause dst  -t q  -n curlyQueue  -pst PRODUCERS  -u admin

The following command pauses delivery to message consumers from the topic destination hotTopic:

   imqcmd pause dst  -t t  -n hotTopic  -pst CONSUMERS  -u admin

This command pauses all message delivery to and from all physical destinations:

   imqcmd pause dst  -u admin

Note –

In a broker cluster, since each broker in the cluster has its own instance of each physical destination, you must pause each such instance individually.

The imqcmd resume dst subcommand resumes delivery to a paused destination:

   imqcmd resume dest  [-t destType  -n destName]

For example, the following command resumes message delivery to the queue destination curlyQueue:

   imqcmd resume dst  -t q  -n curlyQueue  -u admin

If no destination type and name are specified, all destinations are resumed. This command resumes delivery to all physical destinations:

   imqcmd resume dst  -u admin