Oracle GlassFish Message Queue 4.4.2 Administration Guide

Installations from Linux RPMs

Table A–3 shows the location of Message Queue data when Message Queue is installed from Linux RPMs.

Table A–3 Message Queue Data Locations for Installations from Linux RPMs

Data Category 


Command line executable files


Broker instance configuration properties


Broker configuration file templates


Persistent data store (messages, destinations, durable subscriptions, transactions, acknowledgements)

/var/opt/sun/mq/instances/instanceName/fs370/or a JDBC-accessible data store

Broker instance log file directory (default location)


Administered objects (object store)

Local directory of your choice or an LDAP server

Security: user repository

/var/opt/sun/mq/instances/instanceName/etc/passwdor an LDAP server

Security: access control file (default location)


Security: password file directory (default location)


Security: example password file


Security: broker’s key store file location 


JavaDoc API documentation


Example applications and configurations


Java archive (.jar), Web archive (.war), and Resource Adapter archive (.rar) files


External resource (.jar) files such as JDBC drivers, JAAS login modules, and so forth


Shared library (.so) files


JMS Bridge DTD file