The Java EE 6 Tutorial

JMS Queue Browsers

You can create a QueueBrowser object to inspect the messages in a queue. Messages sent to a queue remain in the queue until the message consumer for that queue consumes them. Therefore, the JMS API provides an object that allows you to browse the messages in the queue and display the header values for each message. To create a QueueBrowser object, use the Session.createBrowser method. For example:

QueueBrowser browser = session.createBrowser(queue);

See A Simple Example of Browsing Messages in a Queue for an example of the use of a QueueBrowser object.

The createBrowser method allows you to specify a message selector as a second argument when you create a QueueBrowser. For information on message selectors, see JMS Message Selectors.

The JMS API provides no mechanism for browsing a topic. Messages usually disappear from a topic as soon as they appear: if there are no message consumers to consume them, the JMS provider removes them. Although durable subscriptions allow messages to remain on a topic while the message consumer is not active, no facility exists for examining them.