Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

Determining If Your Hosts Are Ready

Before you start the installer, review the issues in this section.

System Requirements

Before you install Java ES, ensure that the hosts in your system meet the minimum hardware and operating system requirements. For the latest information on the supported platforms and software and hardware requirements, refer to “Hardware and Software Requirements” in the Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Release Notes.

If the operating system found on the host does not satisfy Java ES recommendations, the installer cannot proceed. You must resolve this problem before installation.

Access Privileges

To install Java ES software, you must be logged in as root, or become superuser.

Memory and Disk Space Requirements

The installer runs a check to determine if your host has sufficient memory and disk space for the components you selected.

Note –

On Solaris 10, memory check is not performed if you are installing into a non-global zone.

Korn Shell Required for Portal Server on Linux

To install and configure Portal Server on Linux, the installer requires that the Korn shell be accessible at /bin/ksh. If your host does not have the Korn shell installed, you can get the Korn shell software by issuing the following command:

up2date pdksh