Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Develop a Sequence for Host B

The following high-level tasks are required:

  1. Running the Java ES installer

  2. At component selection, choosing Communications Express, Access Manager, Messaging Server, and Web Server

    Administration Server, Directory Server, and the Directory Preparation Tool are automatically selected.

  3. Deselecting Directory Server

    When you are prompted to choose a local or remote Directory Server, choose remote (the Directory Server that is already installed and running on Host A).

  4. Resolving incompatibilities

    The installer verifies software on your host and provides guidance if incompatibilities are identified.

  5. Selecting the Configure Now option

    Communications Express cannot be configured during installation, and will require postinstallation configuration.

    Configuration pages are displayed for those components that can be configured during installation.

  6. Reviewing the configuration pages

  7. Running the installation

  8. Viewing the Installation Summary and Log

  9. Completing post-install configuration:

  10. Starting the components

  11. Using the following URL to access the default Communications Express login page:

  12. Using the following URL to access the default Access Manager Login page: