Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

Application Server Uninstallation Behavior

Table 8–4 Application Server Uninstallation Details



Configuration Data and User Data 

  • The default domain created during installation is removed during uninstallation.

  • Configured administrative domains, including all administrative server and Application Server instances, are not removed during uninstallation.

  • All Administration Server and Application Server instances are stopped prior to the completion of uninstallation.


Requires Message Queue on the same system. 

Products Requiring this Installation 

  • Access Manager (if configured for Application Server)

  • Portal Server (if configured for Application Server)

  • Communications Express (if configured for Application Server)

Pre-Uninstallation Tasks 

To preserve configuration data, make a copy of the administration domain directories. 


To completely remove Application Server from your system, remove any remaining Application Server log files and directories. Default locations for Application Server directories are: 

Solaris OS: 






Refer to Message Queue Uninstallation Behavior for information on Message Queue post-uninstallation tasks.