Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

Message Queue Uninstallation Behavior

Table 8–12 Message Queue Uninstallation Details



Configuration Data 

Instance-specific configuration data, user repository and access control file remains after uninstallation, and can be reused upon subsequent reinstallation. 


Directory Server (optional) 

Products Requiring this Installation 

Application Server (must reside on same host as Message Queue) 

Pre-Uninstallation Tasks 

  • Stop any running brokers. You will be prompted for user name (admin) and password:imqcmd shutdown bkr [-b hostName:port]

  • If you are not planning to reinstall Message Queue and therefore want to delete dynamic data, the flat-file user repository, and the access control file associated with each broker instance, remove this data using the following command. imqbrokerd -name instanceName -remove instance

  • If you upgrade Message Queue using the Message Queue upgrade script, make a note of your process. The upgrade script does not write install information to the Java ES registry. More information may be found in the Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Upgrade Guide.

Post-Uninstallation Tasks 

If you are not planning to reinstall Message Queue, use the commands in the component documentation to clean up your system. Message Queue documentation is available here: