Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Start the Application Server Domain

  1. On the command line, change to ApplicationServer-base/bin and enter:

    % asadmin start-domain --user admin-id --passwordfile \
    path_to_admin-password_file domainname

    Enter the values that you provided during installation. A message is displayed telling you that the server is starting:

    Starting Domain domain1, please wait. Log redirected to install_dir...

    When the startup process has completed, an additional message is displayed:

    Domain domain1 started
  2. Verify that the Application Server processes are running. For example, on Solaris OS:

    /usr/bin/ps -ef | grep appserv

    /opt/SUNWappserver/appserver/lib/appservDAS domain1