Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Select Component Settings

For a Configure Now installation, the installer presents one or more configuration pages for the selected components that can be configured during installation. The following information can help in your selection:

Some of the fields in a component configuration page display default values from the Common Server Settings page. These values can be edited. For example, the fields in the Directory Server sample screen that contain default values set by the Common Server Settings page are Administrator User ID and Administrator Password. These fields are marked with the note “ Shared default value.”

The following example screen shows the initial Directory Server configuration page.

Example screen capture of the installer's Directory Server: Administration
(1 of 5) page.
Note –

Although Sun Cluster software itself cannot be configured during installation, you are offered the option of enabling remote support to simplify postinstallation configuration. The default is Yes.

  1. As the individual configuration pages are displayed, specify the information for the settings.

  2. Click Next to proceed to the next component configuration page.

  3. When you click Next on the final configuration page, installation-time configuration is done.

    The Ready to Install page is displayed.