Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Configure Portal Server After a Configure Later Installation on BEA WebLogic Server or IBM WebSphere Application Server

  1. Create a runtime configuration for Portal Server by running the Portal Server configurator, PortalServer-base /lib/psconfig .

    Instructions for running the configurator as well as descriptions of the settings used by the configurator are contained in the Postinstallation Configuration chapter of the Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide.

  2. Stop all web container instances, including the admin instance and, in the case of BEA WebLogic Server, managed server instances.

  3. Start the web container’s admin server instance. If you have installed on a BEA WebLogic Server managed instance, start the managed instance too.

  4. Deploy Portal Server by running the deploy command:

    cd PortalServer-base/bin ./deploy

    When prompted, choose the default for the deploy URI and server instance name, and enter the web container admin password.

  5. Deploy the Portlet samples (that is, the portletsamples.war file):

    setenv DEPLOY_ADMIN_PASSWORD web-container-admin-password setenv IDSAME_ADMIN_PASSWORD AccessManager-admin-password cd PortalServer-base/lib ./postinstall_PortletSamples

    When prompted, enter the web container admin password and the Access Manager admin password.

  6. Restart the web container instance into which Portal Server was deployed. See your web container documentation for instructions on starting the web container instance.

    Note –

    In the case of installation on a BEA WebLogic Server managed server, the WAR files do not get deployed. Deploy the WAR files using the BEA WebLogic Server administration console.