Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

Administration Server Postinstallation Configuration

After a Configure Now installation, Administration Server requires no additional configuration. If this component will be included in a Sun Cluster configuration, proceed to Sun Cluster Postinstallation Configuration.

After a Configure Later installation, packages are installed and you are ready to begin Administration Server configuration using the following procedure. Additional configuration details can be found in the Sun Java System Administration Server 5 2005Q1 Administration Guide.

Note –

Before configuring Administration Server, Directory Server must already be configured.

ProcedureTo Configure Administration Server After a Configure Later Installation

  1. Start the configuration utility.

    For example, on Solaris OS:

    /usr/sbin/mpsadmserver configure

    Follow the instructions on each screen.

  2. Ensure that access permissions for the files under server-root /alias have been set to prevent access by all user accounts other than those of the servers installed there.

  3. Verify the common server settings and the Administration Server settings.

    See the tables in Administration Server Configuration Information in Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Reference.

    Note –

    If Administration Server was installed in the same installation session as Access Manager, most of the configuration was completed during installation.

  4. If needed, configure Administration Server for use with the Sun Cluster software.

    Refer to Administration Server Data Service.