Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Specify Installation Directories and Initiate the System Check

A default installation directory will be displayed for each selected component.

  1. Accept the default installation location, or replace the default for your deployment.

  2. Repeat this step for every component selected for installation.

    After the installation directory of the final, selected component is chosen, the installer will automatically perform a system check. The installer checks for disk space, memory, operating system patches and operating system resources.

  3. If operating system patches are found to be missing, apply patches according to the following procedure.

    Note –

    To install any missing operating system patches, do the following:

    1. Go to the Sunsolve site:

    2. Click Patch Portal.

    3. Enter the patch number in the PatchFinder text box, and click Find Patch.

    4. Download the zip file for the patch.

    5. Expand the zip file. For example: unzip

    6. A directory is created for the patch files.

    7. Apply the patch. For example: patchadd 117885-44

    8. Back in the Java ES installer, click Check Again. All system requirements are rechecked.