Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7 2006Q1 Release Notes

Bug Fixed in This Release

The following table describes bugs fixed in Instant Messaging 7 2006Q1 since the last release.

Table 2 Fixed Bugs in Instant Messaging 7 2006Q1

Bug Number  


5006892, 5072583 

(Windows Only) You can now configure the client to start when you boot your computer. In addition, you can now add a shortcut to the startup folder for Instant Messenger  


User status change pop-ups now work as expected. 


Instant Messenger now warns users of the potential risks of accepting an invalid certificate. 


The Instant Messaging server can now create LDAPS connections. 


You can now close a chat window by clicking the “X” icon on the chat window. 


Previously, if you typed Japanese characters in the chat window and then copied and pasted the characters again in the chat window, you could not see the pre-edit strings in the chat window. This no longer occurs. 


Instant Messaging now supports vcards per JEP-0054. 


Previously on Linux, the monitoring agent was not enabled by default when you installed Instant Messaging. This no longer occurs. 


The imadmin version command now returns the correct product version.


The server now responds with an error when it rejects a JID that contains the at sign (@). 


Problems using SSL in a server-to-server environment no longer occur. 


The Instant Messaging server and API now use the stringprep standard for JID normalization and matching rules.


The Instant Messaging server now returns a conflict error when a user attempts to use a nickname that is already in use. In addition, the server now supports changing nicknames. 


Instant Messaging now prevents you from using imadmin start, imadmin stop, and imadmin refresh in a deployment with Sun Cluster. Use the Sun Cluster utilities to start, stop, and refresh Instant Messaging components.


New user registration is now supported when using the XMPP/HTTP gateway. 


Email archiving of news channels no longer fails with a null pointer exception. 


Previously, a contact's JID was sometimes displayed in the client roster (contact list) instead of the contact's display name. This no longer occurs. 


Session priority is no longer set before presence information is received. 


Support has been added for muc_presencebroadcast.


Instant Messenger no longer crashes when transferring large files in a single server deployment. 


Previously, an inactivity loop was causing a concurrent modification exception to be thrown by the multiplexor. This no longer occurs. 


A problem was fixed in which the redbadmin generate command would create the wrong redirect database in iim.instancevardir/db if iim.conf contained specific parameters and values. This occurred in deployments with pooled servers that use a shared file system.


The name of the search field on the Search Room dialog has been changed from Name to ID. 


Conference email archiving no longer fails with a null pointer exception.