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Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 Enterprise Edition 2005Q1 Troubleshooting Guide 


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Chapter 1   Overview
Planning Ahead
Identifying the Problem
Seeking a Solution
Verify System Configuration
Evaluate Messages
Examine Log Files
See if the Problem has been Solved Before
Search the Product Documentation
Search the Knowledge Base
Search or Participate in the Online Forum
Contact Support

Chapter 2   Common Problems
asadmin start-domain Command Fails
Error: “CLI143 There is more than one domain...”
Error: “Could Not Start Domain”
Automatically Restarting a Domain or Node Agent on Reboot
Restarting Automatically on UNIX Platforms
Restarting Automatically on the Microsoft Windows Platform
Cannot Find Log Files
Accessing Local Server Fails (http://localhost:8080)
Did the Server Start?
Was the Server Started at the Expected Port?
Accessing Remote Server Fails
Is the Server Available Locally?
Is the Proxy Setting Causing a Problem?
Cannot Access the Administration Console
Is the Application Server Running?
Is the Administration Console Running on the Expected Port?
Is the Security Manager Disabled?
Cannot Access a Server Application
Is the Application Server Running?
Was Application Deployment Successful?
Server Will Not Start on Windows (Port Conflict)
Is Another Application Running on the Server's Port?
Has an Ungraceful Shutdown Occurred on a Previously Running Server?
Port Conflicts Debugging Multiple Instances on the Same Server
Two Server Instances Bind to Same Port on Windows
Error: “System cannot find the path specified”
Application Generates Error
Using asadmin set Command May Produce Unexpected Results
Cannot Undeploy Or Redeploy Application With Open Streams to Jar Files (Windows Only)
Cannot Reinstall Application Server After Manual Deletion of Directories
Cannot Produce a JVM Thread Dump After Server Crash

Chapter 3   HADB Problems
HADB Database Creation Fails
Problems Related to Shared Memory
Too Few Semaphores
Database Nodes Cannot Be Reached and the Database Does Not Function
The Management Agents Could Not Establish a Domain
hadbm create or hadbm addnodes Command Hangs
ma (Management Agent Process) Crashes
Server Responds Slowly After Idle Period
Requests Are Not Succeeding
Is the Load Balancer Timeout Correct?
Are the System Clocks Synchronized?
Is the Application Server Communicating With HADB?
Session Persistence Problems
The create-session-store Command Failed
Configuring Instance-Level Session Persistence Did Not Work
Session Data Seems To Be Corrupted
HADB Performance Problems
Is There a Shortage of CPU or Memory Resources, or Too Much Swapping?
Is There Disk Contention?
Is There a Shortage of HADB Data Device Space?
Is There a Shortage of Other HADB Resources?
High Load Problems
Is the Tuple Log Out Of Space?
Is the node-internal Log Full?
Are There Enough Locks?
Can You Fix the Problem by Doing Some Performance Tuning?
Connection Problem Caused by Lack of Semaphore Resources
Improving CPU Utilization
HADB Administration Problems
hadbm Command Fails: The agents could not be reached
hadbm Command Fails: command not found
hadbm Command Fails: JAVA_HOME not defined
hadbm createdomain fails, but two split domains are created
create Fails: “path does not exist on a host”
Database Does Not Start
clear Command Failed
create-session-store Failed
hadbm Command Hangs
Cannot Restart the HADB
Shared Memory Segment Key Already Exists (Windows only)
Failure in configure-ha-cluster
Unable to Run configure-ha-cluster
hadbm set Command Fails
Failure in configure-ha-cluster: Creating an HADB Instance Fails

Chapter 4   Security Problems Access Denied Error
javax.ejb.AccessLocalException: Client Not Authorized Error
Authentication is Not Working With the Solaris Realm
Mutual Authentication Not Working With the Application Client

Chapter 5   Frequently Asked Questions
What Happens When No Server Side Realm is Configured?
Can I Use a Pkcs12 Certificate for My Client Certificate?
Can I See the TLS/SSL Handshake Information for an SSL Client?
Can I Change the Keystore Password?
How Do I Maintain a Session in JAX-RPC?
How Do I Access the Naming Service From a Standalone Java Client?
Are RMI-IIOP Stubs Needed to Access Remote EJBs?
How Do I Change the Log Level for an Application Logger?


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Part No: 819-0086.   Copyright 2004-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.