Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Release Notes

Upgrade Utility

This section describes known Upgrade utility issues and associated solutions.

Domains created in custom-path other than install_dir/domains directory are not upgraded directly while upgrading from Application Server Platform Edition 8 to Application Server Platform Edition 8.2. (ID 6165528)

When running the Upgrade Utility and identifying the install_dir as the source installation directory, the upgrade process upgrades only those domains that are created under install_dir/domains directory. Domains created in other locations are not upgraded.


Before starting the upgrade process, copy all the domain directories from their different locations to the install_dir/domains directory.

Port conflict when starting domain1 or samples domain after upgrading from 8.0 Platform Edition to 8.2 Platform Edition. (ID 6202188)

After upgrading an 8.0 Application Server with multiple domains, the domains may not be able to start simultaneously due to having the same port number configured for the JMX connector.


Change the port value.

ProcedureTo change the port value

  1. Check the install dir /domains/domain1/config/domain.xml file, for the following entry:

    <jmx-connector accept-all="false" address="" auth-realm-name=
    "admin-realm" enabled="true" name="system" port="8686" protocol="rmi_jrmp" 
    security-enabled="false"/\>" -- and in file <as 8.1 install dir\>
    /domains/domain1/samples/config/domain.xml, notice it used the same port 
    "8686", so it failed to start domain due to port conflict.
  2. Change the port value 8686 to 8687, and then restart domain1.

The installer running “Upgrade in place” fails to start upgrade tool on some Linux systems after clicking on the “Start Upgrade Wizard” button. (6207337)

This problem has been observed on several Linux systems, it is most common on Java Desktop System 2 but has also been observed on RedHat distributions.

After clicking the Start Upgrade Tool button on the final installer screen, the installer fails to launch the upgrade tool to complete the upgrade process, and hangs indefinitely, not returning the command prompt.


This issue is not encountered if command line installation mode is used to run upgrade in place.

ProcedureTo use command line installation mode

  1. If you ran upgrade in place in GUI mode and encountered this problem, exit the installer by pressing Ctrl+C in the terminal window in which the installer was started.

  2. Start upgrade tool from the terminal window, using following command:

    install_dir/bin/asupgrade --source install_dir/domains --target install_dir 
    --adminuser adminuser--adminpassword adminpassword --masterpassword changeit

    adminuser and adminpassword should match the values used for the installation you are upgrading.

  3. When the upgrade tool completes the upgrade process you can also start the browser and enter following URL in order to review About page:


    If you also selected the installation option to register the product, follow the link to registration page available on product About page.

Garbage characters displayed in Results panel after upgrade (ID 6376140)

When upgrading from the multilanguage version of Application Server 8.2 to a later version using some locales, the Results panel may display garbage characters, and the /opt/SUNWappserver/domains/upgrade.log file may also display garbage characters.


None at this time. This problem will be fixed in a future Application Server release.