Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Release Notes

J2EE Support

The Sun Java System Application Server 8.2 supports the J2EE 1.4 and Java EE 5 platforms. The following table describes the enhanced APIs available on the J2EE 1.4 platform.

Table 2–4 Major API changes on the J2EE 1.4 Platform




Application and Application Client 

Implementation of standard deployment descriptors by means of XML schemas 

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 2.1 

Timer service and EJB Web-service endpoint 

Java Servlet 2.4 

Web-service endpoint filter 

JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.0 architecture 

Expression language and tag library 

J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5 

Inbound resource adaptor and Java Message Service (JMS) pluggability 

Web Services

Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.5 

Integrated toolkit for building, testing and deploying XML applications, Web services, and Web applications 

Java API for XML-based Remote Procedure Calls (JAX-RPC) 1.1 

Mapping for WSDL and Java technology and support for development of Web-service clients and endpoints 

WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 

The enabling element for interoperability using WSDL and SOAP 

SOAP with attachment API for Java (SAAJ) 1.2 

An API for SOAP-based messaging; fosters the creation of SOAP messages with attachments 

Java APIs for XML Registries (JAXR) 1.0 

A uniform and standard API for accessing XML registries, such as those for Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI and ebXML) 


J2EE Deployment 1.1 

Standard APIs that enable deployments of J2EE components and applications 

J2EE Management 1.0 

Definitions for the information model for managing the J2EE platform 

Java Management Extensions (JMX) 1.2 

Standard management API 

Java Authorization Contract for Containers (JACC) 1.0 

Definitions of security contracts between a J2EE Application Server and the authorization policy provider 

Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.2 

An API with which applications can parse and transform XML documents; also adds support for processing of XML schemas 

JMS 1.1 

A messaging standard that enables J2EE application components to create, send, receive, and read messages; also adds support for uniform APIs for queues and topics 

JavaMail 1.3 

A set of abstract classes that model a mail system; also includes minor updates to the APIs