Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Release Notes


This section describes known installation/uninstallation issues and associated solutions.

Intermittent failure to render the Next navigation button on installer and uninstaller Welcome screen. (ID 4977191)

This problem has been reported intermittently on the Solaris x86 platform, but it is possible that it also affects Solaris SPARC and Linux platforms.

The problem is that the installer\qs or uninstaller\qs first screen correctly displays the full text and “Help” and “Cancel” buttons, but the “Next” button necessary to navigate to the next screen is not visible. Although button is not visible, its area is active and if you click on it, navigation to the next screen proceeds normally. The cause of the problem is intermittent J2SE GUI repaint issue.


One workaround is to click on the Next button area just to the left of the Help button. Another workaround is to force repainting of the screen by resizing it slightly or by minimizing and restoring the installer window. After repainting, the missing Next button will become visible.

Installation shutdown hanging on some Linux systems after clicking the Finish button. (5009728)

This problem has been observed on several Linux systems. It is most common on Java Desktop System 2 but has also been observed on RedHat distributions.

After clicking the Finish button on the last installer screen, the installer fails to launch a browser window containing the product About page or product registration page, and hangs indefinitely, not returning the command prompt.


Exit the installer by pressing Ctrl+C in the terminal window in which the installer was started. After doing this, browser window containing product About page or registration page will sometimes be launched, but if it does not show up, start the browser and enter following URL in order to review About page:


If you also selected the installation option to register the product, follow the link to registration page available on product About page.

Intermittent J2SE detection and bootstrap issues in install wrapper on Linux. (6172980)

The setup executable that launches the Linux installer sometimes hangs. Instead of resolving the J2SE location and starting the install wizard, the wrapper hangs and returns the following messages:

Chcking available disk space....
Checking Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment....
Extracting Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment....
Deleting temporary files.....

This issue is seen only in some versions of Linux, and seems to depend on environment settings, especially the presence of the JAVA_HOME variable.


To work around this issue:

ProcedureTo work around the bootstrap issues on Linux

  1. Unset the JAVA_HOME variable by running unset or unsetenv depending on your shell.

  2. Run setup with the -javahome option to specify the JAVA_HOME used by the installer.

Application Server does not support NFS.

This versions of Application Server does not support Network File System (NFS).