Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Release Notes

Derby Utility Scripts

The Derby configuration that ships with Application Server 8.2 also includes several useful scripts which can help you use Derby. The following scripts are available for use in the <appserver_install_dir>/derby/frameworks/NetworkServer/bin directory:

ProcedureTo Configure Your Environment to Run the Derby Utility Scripts

  1. Set the DERBY_INSTALL environment variable to point to the <appserver_install_dir>/derby directory.

  2. Unset your CLASSPATH environment variable.

  3. You can also optionally set the following properties:

    1. DERBY_SERVER_HOST to the host on which the network server will listen.

      Can also be set to to enable all listeners.

    2. DERBY_SERVER_PORT to the port number on which the network server will listen.

See Also

For more information about these utilities, see the Derby Tools and Admin guides.