Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo configure the manager properties

The session manager provides the means to configure how sessions are created and destroyed, where session state is stored, and the maximum number of sessions.

To change the session manager settings:

  1. In the tree component select the Configuration node.

  2. Select the Web Container node.

  3. Click the Manager Properties tab.

  4. Set the Reap Interval value.

    The Reap Interval field is the number of seconds before the inactive session data is deleted from the store.

  5. Set the Max Sessions value.

    The Max Sessions field is the maximum number of sessions allowed.

  6. Set the Session Filename value.

    The Session Filename field is the file that contains the session data.

  7. Set the Session ID Generator Classname value.

    The Session ID Generator Classname field allows you to specify a custom class for generating unique session IDs. Only one session ID generator class per server instance is permitted, and all instances in a cluster must use the same session ID generator to prevent session key collision.

    Custom session ID generator classes must implement the com.sun.enterprise.util.uuid.UuidGenerator interface:

    package com.sun.enterprise.util.uuid;
    public interface UuidGenerator {
        public String generateUuid();
        public String generateUuid(Object obj);  //obj is the session object

    The class must be in the Application Server classpath.

  8. Click Save.