Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo configure log levels

  1. In the tree component, select the Application Server node.

  2. Click the Logging tab.

  3. On the Logging Settings page, click the Log Levels tab.

  4. On the Module Log Levels page, choose a new value from the drop-down list opposite the module or modules whose log level is to be changed.

    The default level is INFO, meaning that messages at that level or higher (WARNING, SEVERE) appear in the log. Choose any of the following values (listed from highest to lowest):

    • SEVERE


    • INFO

    • CONFIG

    • FINE

    • FINER

    • FINEST

    • OFF

  5. Use the Additional Properties area to configure log levels for any application loggers.

    The property name is the logger namespace, and the value is one of the eight possible levels. For example, the property name could be samples.logging.simple.servlet, and the value could be FINE.

    Also use this area to change the log level for a submodule, such as the transport submodule of the CORBA module:

  6. Click Save to save the changes, or click Default to restore the default values.

    Calls to System.out.println are logged at the INFO level using the logger name Calls to System.err.println are logged at the WARNING level using the logger name To turn off the logs from these sources, specify the logger name with the value OFF in the Additional Properties area.

    Changes to the Log Level settings take effect immediately. They are also saved in the domain.xml file for use when the server restarts.