Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo edit an audit module

Audit modules are not turned on by default. For more information on how to activate audit modules, read To enable or disable audit logging.

  1. In the Admin Console tree component, expand the Configuration node.

  2. Expand the Security node.

  3. Expand the Audit Modules node.

  4. Click the node of the audit module to be edited.

  5. On the Edit Audit Module page, modify the class name, if needed.

  6. Enter any additional properties for the module by selecting the Add button and entering the name and value of the property. Valid properties include:

    • auditOn - Specifies whether or not to use this audit module. Valid values are true and false.

  7. Modify any existing properties by selecting the name or value to be modified, and entering the changes directly into the text field.

  8. Delete a property by selecting the checkbox to the left of the property and clicking Delete Properties.

  9. Click Save to save or click the Back button on the browser to cancel without saving.