Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Developer's Guide

The Optimizeit Profiler

You can purchase OptimizeitTM from Borland at

Once Optimizeit is enabled using the following instructions, its libraries are loaded into the server process.

ProcedureTo enable remote profiling with Optimizeit

  1. Configure your operating system:

    • On Solaris, add Optimizeit-dir/lib to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

    • On Windows, add Optimizeit-dir/lib to the PATH environment variable.

  2. Configure the Application Server using the Administration Console:

    1. Select the JVM Settings component under the relevant configuration, then select the Profiler tab.

    2. Edit the following fields:

      • Profiler Name: optimizeit

      • Profiler Enabled: true

      • Classpath: Optimizeit-dir/lib/optit.jar

      • Native Library Path: Optimizeit-dir/lib

      • JVM Option: For each of these options, select Add, type the option in the Value field, then check its box:

        -DOPTITHOME=Optimizeit-dir  -Xrunpri:startAudit=t 
  3. In addition, you might have to set the following in your server.policy file.

    For more information about the server.policy file, see The server.policy File

    grant codeBase "file:Optimizeit-dir/lib/optit.jar" {
  4. Restart the Application Server.

    When the server starts up with this configuration, you can attach the profiler.

See Also

For further details, see the Optimizeit documentation.


If any of the configuration options are missing or incorrect, the profiler might experience problems that affect the performance of the Application Server.