Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Correcting Potential Upgrade Problems

This section addresses the following issues that could occur during an upgrade to Application Server 8.2.

ProcedureTo Migrate Additional HTTP Listeners Defined on the Source Server to the Target PE Server

If additional HTTP listeners have been defined in the PE source server, those listeners need to be added to the PE target server after the upgrade:

  1. Start the Admin Console.

  2. Expand Configuration.

  3. Expand HTTP Service.

  4. Expand Virtual Servers.

  5. Select <server>.

  6. In the right-hand pane, add the additional HTTP listener name to the HTTP Listeners field.

  7. Click Save when done.

Eliminating Problems Encountered When A Single Domain has Multiple Certificate Database Passwords

If the upgrade includes certificates, provide the passwords for the source PKCS12 file and the target JKS keyfile for each domain that contains certificates to be migrated. Since Application Server 7uses a different certificate store format (NSS) than Application Server 8 PE (JSSE), the migration keys and certificates are converted to the new format. Only one certificate database password per domain is supported. If multiple certificate database passwords are used in a single domain, make all of the passwords the same before starting the upgrade. Then reset the passwords after the upgrade has been completed.