Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Troubleshooting Guide

Error: Could Not Start Domain


This message comes from Application Server 8. The full message looks like either:

Could not start the domain.
There are no domains.


Could not start the domain.
No default domain. Need to enter a domain.

This error occurs when Application Server 8 is installed on the same system, and its asadmin command (at /usr/sbin) is found on the PATH before the asadmin command for Application Server 8 at install_dir/bin. The situation is especially likely to occur on Solaris/Linux systems when . is not specified as part of the PATH variable. Without . in the PATH, the asadmin command in /usr/sbin is found first, even when the current directory is install_dir/bin.


Make sure install_dir/bin is in the PATH ahead of /usr/sbin, or that . is in the PATH ahead of /usr/sbin if you access asadmin by changing directories to install_dir/bin. Alternatively, if you do change to install_dir/bin to run asadmin, be sure to include./ in the command name; for example:

cd install_dir/bin