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Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 Plug-In API Reference


About This Guide

Purpose of This Guide
Typographical Conventions
Default Paths and Filenames
Downloading Directory Server Tools
Suggested Reading

Chapter 1 Data Type and Structure Reference

Chapter 2 Function Reference
Functions by Functional Area
Accessing and Modifying Parameter Blocks
Allocating and Freeing Memory
Handling Access Control
Handling Attributes
Handling BER Values
Handling Controls
Handling DN Strings
Handling Entries
Handling Extended Operations
Handling Filters
Handling Internal Operations
Handling Matching Rules
Handling Modification Structures
Handling Operations
Handling Passwords
Handling Roles
Handling SASL Bind Mechanisms
Handling Slapi_Backend Structures
Handling Slapi_DN Structures
Handling Slapi_RDN Structures
Handling Slapi_Value Structures
Handling Slapi_ValueSet Structures
Handling UTF8
Handling Virtual Attributes
Sending Entries, Referrals, and Results
Function Descriptions

Chapter 3 Parameter Block Reference


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