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Sun ONE Server Console 5.2 Server Management Guide


Purpose of This Guide
Typographical Conventions
Default Paths and Filenames
Suggested Reading

Part 1 Overview of Sun ONE Server Console

Chapter 1 Sun ONE Server Console and Administration Server

Chapter 2 Installing Sun ONE Servers and Server Console
The Setup Program
Installing a New Server
Interactive Installation Modes
Installing Sun ONE Server Console as a Stand-Alone Application
Upgrading to Version Version 5.2
Upgrading Administration Server
Upgrading a Stand-Alone Version of Sun ONE Server Console
Silent Installation
Performing a Silent Installation

Part 2 Sun ONE Server Console Basics

Chapter 3 Using Sun ONE Server Console
Starting Sun ONE Server Console and Logging In
Starting Sun ONE Server Console
Logging In to Sun ONE Server Console With a User Name and Password
Logging In to Sun ONE Server Console Using Client Authentication
A Tour of Sun ONE Server Console
Sun ONE Server Console Menus
Sun ONE Server Console Tabs
The Servers and Applications Tab
The Administration Domain
Customizing Sun ONE Server Console
Storing Display Settings
Setting Display Fonts
Customizing the Main Window
Creating Custom Views of the Navigation Tree
Working With Custom Views

Chapter 4 Servers in Sun ONE Server Console
Opening a Server Management Window
Creating a New Server Instance
Modifying Host, Server Group, and Instance Information
Cloning a Server
Removing a Server Instance
Uninstalling a Sun ONE Server
Merging Configuration Data From Two Directory Servers

Chapter 5 User and Group Administration
Interacting with Directory Server
Using Distinguished Names
Distinguished Names, Attributes, and Syntax
Locating a User or Group in the Directory
Choosing a Different Directory to Search
Creating New Directory Entries
Specifying UNIX and Windows Systems Options
Organizational Units
Modifying Existing Directory Entries
Updating User and Group Entries

Part 3 Using Sun ONE Administration Server

Chapter 6 Administration Server Basics
Restarting Administration Server
To Restart the Server From the Console
To Restart the Server From the Command Line
To Restart the Server From the Windows Control Panel
Stopping Administration Server
To Stop the Server From Sun ONE Server Console
To Stop the Server From the Command Line
To Stop the Server From the Windows Control Panel
Logging Options
To View the Access Log
To View the Error Log
To Change Where Logs Are Stored

Chapter 7 Administration Server Configuration
Network Settings
To Configure Network Settings
Access Settings
To Set Administration Server Access Settings
Encryption Settings
To Request and Install a Certificate for Administration Server
To Activate SSL on Administration Server
Directory Settings
The Configuration Directory
Changing the Host or Port Number
The User Directory
User Directory Settings

Chapter 8 Administration Server Command-Line Tools
Syntax for mpsadmconfig
Tasks and Their Arguments
mpsadmserver admin_ip
ldapsearch, ldapmodify, and ldapdelete

Part 4 Advanced Server Management

Chapter 9 Access Control
Overview of Access Control
Examples of Access Control
Setting Access Permissions For Servers
To Set Access Permissions for a Server in the Navigation Tree
Working With Access Control Instructions
What's in an ACI
Using the ACI Manager and ACI Editor

Chapter 10 Using SSL and TLS with Sun ONE Servers
The SSL and TLS Protocols
SSL and TLS Ciphers
Preparing to Use SSL and TLS Encryption
Using External Security Devices
Obtaining and Installing a Server Certificate
SSL Certificates
Preparing to Set Up SSL and TLS
Generating a Server Certificate Request
Sending a Server Certificate Request
Installing the Certificate
Backing Up and Restoring Your Certificate Database
Activating SSL
To Activate SSL on a Sun ONE Server
Managing Server Certificates
Renewing a Certificate
Changing the CA Trust Options
Changing Security Device Passwords
Managing Revoke Certificate Lists
Using Client Authentication
How Client Authentication Works
Preparing to Use Client Authentication
The certmap.conf File
Editing the certmap.conf File
Example certmap.conf Mappings
Using Client Authentication Between Servers
Client Authentication for Users

Chapter 11 Using SNMP to Monitor Servers
SNMP Basics
How SNMP Works
Types of SNMP Messages
Setting Up SNMP on UNIX Systems
Using a Proxy SNMP Agent on UNIX Systems
Installing and Starting the Proxy SNMP Agent
Reconfiguring a Native Agent on UNIX Systems
Configuring the Master Agent on UNIX Systems
Community Strings
Trap Destinations
Configuring the Master Agent using Sun ONE Server Console
Manually Configuring the Master Agent
Starting the Master Agent on UNIX Systems
Starting the Agent Using Sun ONE Server Console
Starting the Agent From the Command Line
Enabling the Subagent on UNIX Systems
Using the Windows SNMP Service
To Set Up SNMP on Windows Systems

Part 5 Appendixes

Appendix A Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography
Internet Security Issues
Encryption and Decryption
Symmetric-Key Encryption
Public-Key Encryption
Key Length and Encryption Strength
Digital Signatures
Certificates and Authentication
A Certificate Identifies Someone or Something
Authentication Confirms an Identity
How Certificates Are Used
Contents of a Certificate
How CA Certificates Are Used to Establish Trust
Managing Certificates
Issuing Certificates
Certificates and the LDAP Directory
Key Management
Renewing and Revoking Certificates
Registration Authorities

Appendix B Introduction to SSL
The SSL Protocol
Ciphers Used With SSL
Cipher Suites With RSA Key Exchange
The SSL Handshake
Server Authentication
Man-in-the-Middle Attack
Client Authentication


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