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Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 Product Brief

Product Brief

Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 is a powerful and scalable distributed directory server based on the industry-standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Directory Server software is part of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE), Sun’s standards-based software vision, architecture, platform, and expertise for building and deploying services on demand.

Directory Server is the cornerstone for building a centralized and distributed data repository that can be used in your intranet, over your extranet with your trading partners, or over the public Internet to reach your customers.

This booklet introduces Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 and contains the following sections:

What is Sun ONE Directory Server?

Sun ONE Directory Server provides global directory services, meaning it provides information to a wide variety of applications. Until recently, many applications bundled their own proprietary databases, each with information about the users specific to that application. While a proprietary database can be convenient if you use only one application, multiple databases become an administrative burden if the databases manage the same information.

For example, suppose your network supports multiple proprietary E-mail systems, each system with its own proprietary directory service. If users change their passwords in one directory, the changes are not automatically replicated in the others. Managing multiple instances of the same information results in increased hardware and personnel costs, a situation referred to as the n+1 directory problem.

A global directory service solves the n+1 directory problem by providing a single, centralized repository of directory information that any application can access. Offering a wide variety of applications access to the directory requires that those applications be able to communicate with the directory over the network in a standard way. Sun ONE Directory Server provides two standard protocols through which applications can access its global directory: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and Directory Services Markup Language (DSML).

Key Features and Benefits

Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 software provides the foundation for the new generation of e-business applications and Web services, bringing you the features needed to deploy extensible, secure, highly-available, global directory services.

New Functionality in Version 5.2

New in Directory Server 5.2:

Additional Features

The following are a sample of further features included with Directory Server 5.2:

Directory Server 5.2 product documentation covers what you need to know to use these features and more. Refer to "Documentation Resources" for more information.

Support for Platforms and Standards

Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 supports a variety of platforms, hardware architectures, and industry standards, so you can build an extensible global directory service that fits your existing infrastructure.

Supported Platforms

Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 offers support for platforms listed in Table 1.

Table 1  Supported Platforms and Architectures 



Sun Solaris™ 9 Operating Environment

SPARC® processors in 32-bit and 64-bit mode

Supported x86 processors

Sun Solaris 8 Operating Environment

UltraSPARC® processors in 32-bit and 64-bit mode

Sun Linux 5.0

Sun LX50 servers

Hewlett Packard HP-UX 11i

PA-RISC 2.0 processors in 32-bit and 64-bit mode


PowerPC processors

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, SP 3

Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, SP 3

Pentium II or later IA-32 processors

Red Hat Linux 7.2

Pentium II or later IA-32 processors

Supported Standards

Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 supports a wide variety of industry standards, including those listed in Table 2.

Table 2  Supported Industry Standards 




Directory Services Markup Language, an open standard for web services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to provide access to directory information

LDAP search filters

The String Representation of LDAP Search Filters, RFC 2254, for searching on attribute value presence, equality, inequality, substring, approximate, greater than, less than, and Boolean combinations thereof


An LDAP URL Format, RFC 2255


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3), RFC 2251, the Internet standard protocol for accessing directory information


LDAP Data Interchange Format, RFC 2849, for exchanging directory information


Simple Authentication and Security Layer, RFC 2222, providing for extensible authentication


Simple Network Management Protocol for network management and monitoring


Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security, industry standards for securing data on the network

X.509 v3

Standard for public key certificate formats enabling secure authentication

The list of supported standards in Table 2 is by no means exhaustive.

Documentation Resources

Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 product documentation can be found under the following URL:

It is recommended that you read the Sun ONE Directory Server Getting Started Guide and Sun ONE Directory Server Deployment Guide before you begin the installation process.

Directory Server product documentation includes the following documents delivered in both HTML and PDF:

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