Sun Gathering Debug Data for Sun Java System Directory Server 5

ProcedureTo Collect Required Debug Data For Directory Server Installation Problems

This section describes what data to collect when you cannot complete Directory Server installation.

Before You Begin

If the problem concerns a general installation failure for Java Enterprise System, first check the installation troubleshooting chapter in the Installation Guide for your version of Java Enterprise System.

  1. For compressed archive installations, collect installation output showing system calls.

    Reinstall while using the appropriate command for your system from the following list. Collect the output of the command that is displayed during installation.

    Solaris OS

    truss -ealf -rall -wall -vall -o /tmp/install-directory-truss.out ./setup


    tusc -v -fealT -rall -wall -o /tmp/install-directory-tusc.out ./setup

    Red Hat

    strace -fv -o /tmp/install-directory-strace.out ./setup


    Use DebugView.

    DebugView is available at

  2. For Java Enterprise System installations, collect installation error logs.

    The log file is named after the date and time that the installation failed. For example, a log file for an installation that failed on December 16 at 3:32 p.m. would have a name like Java_Enterprise_System*_install.B12161532.

    On Solaris systems, installation logs are located under /var/sadm/install/logs.

    On Red Hat and HP-UX systems, installation logs are located under /var/opt/sun/install/logs.

    On Windows systems, installation logs are located under C:\Documents and Settings\current-user\Local Settings\Temp.