Sun StorageTek 5800 System Client API Reference Manual

Synchronous C API

A multiplatform synchronous C API in which operations are accomplished in a few simple function calls is provided for the 5800 system. The API calls include operations for storing, retrieving, deleting, and querying of data and metadata records. Multiple threads are supported, and operations block until they complete.

You must call hc_init (once per process) and hc_session_create_ez (once per thread) prior to making any other API calls.

All functions in the 5800 system C API return an hc_err. Any value other than HCERR_OK indicates failure.

This section discusses the following topics for the 5800 system synchronous C API.

Changes for the 1.1 Release

This release of the synchronous C API contains the following changes:


This release of the synchronous C API is subject to the following limitations: