Sun StorageTek 5800 System Client API Reference Manual

Using Returned Name-Value Records

Name-value records are also returned as the result of queries that return metadata information, such as hc_retrieve_metadata_ez.

ProcedureTo Use Returned Name-Value Records

  1. Run the query to create an hc_nvr_t record or a table of hc_nvr_t structures.

    Use either name-based access (for example, hc_nvr_get_*) or index-based access (for example, hc_nvr_get_count and hc_nvr_get_value_at_index).

  2. To free the hc_nvr_t structure, call hc_nvr_free.

    Note –

    Structures created by hc_nvr_create can also be freed by calling hc_nvr_free.