Sun StorageTek 5800 System Client API Reference Manual


The Java client API interacts with the 5800 system server entirely through an HTTP protocol. The HTTP communication layer uses the Apache Commons HTTP client.

Object data is streamed through the Java client library opaquely and a well-defined data hash is returned for verification purposes. Metadata is added or retrieved with typed accessors. The stored representation of metadata on the 5800 system server is not exposed to the user, and no hash is returned when metadata is stored.

The 5800 system Java client library provides the NameValueObjectArchive class as an application access layer, which should be appropriate for most applications. In addition, an advanced interface provides a mechanism to customize the 5800 system and to serve as a toolkit to build new applications.

Note –

The advanced toolkit is not described in this document. If you are interested in pursuing advanced applications, contact your 5800 system Sales Representative.