Sun StorageTek 5800 System Client API Reference Manual


The NameValueObjectArchive class is the main entry point into the 5800 system. Each instance of NameValueObjectArchive provides access to a specific 5800 system server, functioning as a proxy object on which operations can be performed. Multiple simultaneous operations can be accomplished in separate threads on the same NameValueObjectArchive instance. Communication with the 5800 system server is entirely by means of HTTP requests. A pool of HTTP connections is maintained for efficiency.

A NameValueObjectArchive instance enables you to store, retrieve, query and delete object data and associated metadata records. Metadata is associated with an object in a set of name-value pairs (see NameValueRecord). Metadata records can be used to associate application-specific information with the raw data, such as name, mime type, or purge date. Metadata records consist of structured data that can be queried. Object data is opaque to the 5800 system.

A NameValueObjectArchive instance always ensures that a metadata record is created on the 5800 system server for each newly stored object, even if no metadata is provided with the store. This enables a model of programming where every stored data object is accessed by name-value metadata records (for example, for examining results from queries or performing delete operations). Object data is never deleted directly; it is deleted when its last referencing metadata record is deleted.

For additional information, see NameValueObjectArchive Application Access.