Sun StorageTek 5800 System Client API Reference Manual


This function initializes the 5800 system API and must be called before calling any of the other functions in this API. It downloads a copy of the schema for a particular host or port. The schema is used to validate the name-value-type tuples that are added to metadata records.

Both the synchronous and the nonsynchronous C APIs are fully thread-safe and can be used simultaneously in multiple threads from the same process. Each thread must call hc_session_create_ez to create its own session. Sessions must not be shared between threads.

Note –

hc_init should be called once per process before any thread calls hc_session_create_ez. If hc_session_create_ez is called before hc_init, an implicit call is made to hc_init from that thread. But that call to hc_init is not interlocked with other threads, and it uses the C API shared library’s version of malloc and free, which might be different than the application’s version of malloc and free. It is strongly recommended that all applications call hc_init once per process with their own allocator and deallocator.

For more information on hc_init, see Initializing a Global Session