Sun StorageTek 5800 System Client API Reference Manual


Extends com.sun.honeycomb.common.Encoding


     public PreparedStatement(java.lang.String sql);


Used to implement queries with Dynamic Parameters, which is the preferred way to pass typed data items to a StorageTek 5800 query.

The number of bindParameter calls should match the number of question marks (?) in the query string in the prepared statement. Parameters are specified positionally. For example, a bindParameter call with index = 1 supplies a value for the first ? in the supplied query string. Once a value has been supplied for each of the dynamic parameters, then the PreparedStatement may be passed to the NameValueObjectArchive.query method to be executed, for example:

    NameValueObjectArchive archive = new NameValueObjectArchive(hostname);
    Date date_value= new java.sql.Date();
    PreparedStatement stmt = new PreparedStatement("date_field<?”);
    QueryResultSet qrs = archive.query(stmt);