Sun StorageTek 5800 System Client API Reference Manual


Checks if the metadata for an object is present in the query engine, and inserts the metadata if it is not present.


     public int checkIndexed(ObjectIdentifier identifier)
             throws ArchiveException, IOException


checkIndexed is intended as way to resolve a store index exception under program control (see The 5800 System Query Integrity Model for more information).

Once a store index exception occurs (as indicated by a SystemRecord.isIndexed value of false after a store operation) then archive.checkIndexed(oid) can be called repeatedly until it returns any non-zero value. This will ensure that the metadata for the object has been inserted into the query engine; the object should then start to show up in matching queries.

checkIndexed returns an int value that indicates if the metadata for this object has been inserted into the query engine. The value is -1 if the metadata was already inserted before this operation was called, 0 if the metadata has still not been inserted, or 1 if the metadata was just now inserted.