Sun StorageTek 5800 System SDK Reference Manual

Schema Modification

To add a custom schema to the 5800 system, create an XML file detailing your custom schema. Refer to the XML files in the config directory for examples of a custom schema. Also, see “Configuring Metadata and File System View” in Sun StorageTek 5800 System Administration Guide.

Once your XML schema file is complete, stop the open edition software and run the script (metadata_merge_config.bat on Windows) located in the bin directory. This script takes one command-line argument, which is the full path to your XML schema file. The open edition software should be stopped while updating the schema.

ProcedureTo Activate a New Schema for the Open Edition Software

  1. Shut down the open edition software if it is currently running.

    See Open Edition Software Shutdown for details.

  2. Run the metadata_merge_config program to activate the new schema.

  3. Restart the open edition software.

    See Open Edition Software Startup for details.