Sun StorageTek 5800 System SDK Reference Manual

Open Edition Software Configuration Settings

You can configure the open edition software through the open edition software configuration file located at /openedition/config/emulator.config. Table 3–1 provides the settings you can change.

Table 3–1 Open Edition Software Configuration File Settings



honeycomb.cell.capacity.megs = size

size is the amount of available storage (in Mbytes) for the open edition software. The default is 500 Mbytes. Note that the actual capacity is 80% of the value provided, which enables the healing of a missing disk in the 5800 system (healing is not implemented in the open edition software).

honeycomb.protocol.port = port_number

port_number is the port the open edition software will listen on.

For further information on the configuration file, refer to the Sun StorageTek 5800 Administrator’s Guide.