Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Installation Guide

Java Enterprise System Distribution

This section introduces the Java Enterprise System distribution, which comes with the Java ES installer.

The Java ES installer offers a graphical wizard, a command-line interactive wizard, and also silent installation capabilities to add natively packaged software to your system. As this distribution is based on native packages, you must be root to perform the installation with the Java ES installer.

All Java ES software can work together, relying on a common framework of basic components and of libraries. You can therefore install all of the software products together on a single system if you choose to do so.

The Java ES installation software also facilitates patching, and migration from previous Java ES versions, including upgrade of common components. Furthermore, the software that you install integrates with the system, so you can configure directory services to restart automatically when the operating system reboots. With a native package based installation, you benefit from the package versioning and patching tools that are part of the operating system.

This guide does not describe all installation alternatives available using the Java ES installer. This guide does, however, address the key Java ES installer wizard screens related to Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 software installation. For detailed instructions on using all features of the Java ES installer, see the Java Enterprise System documentation at

After you install the Java Enterprise System distribution, you must apply the patches for Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1.