Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Reference

Pointer CoS

Pointer CoS is the simplest type of CoS. The pointer CoS definition entry provides the DN of a specific template entry of the cosTemplate object class. All target entries have the same CoS attribute value, as defined by this template.

The following figure shows a pointer CoS that defines a common postal code for all of the entries stored under dc=example,dc=com. The CoS definition entry, CoS template entry and target entry are indicated.

Figure 9–2 Example of a Pointer CoS Definition and Template

Example of a Pointer CoS Definition and Template

The template entry is identified by its DN, cn=exampleUS,cn=data, in the CoS definition entry. Each time the postalCode attribute is queried on entries under dc=example,dc=com, Directory Server returns the value available in the template entry cn=exampleUS,cn=data. Therefore, the postal code will appear with the entry uid=wholiday,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com, but it is not stored there.

In a scenario where several shared attributes are generated by CoS for thousands or millions of entries, instead of existing as real attributes in each entry, the storage space savings and performance gains provided by CoS are considerable.