Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Reference


A Service Access Point (SAP) provides information on how to access a service. The cn=SAP entry has the following monitoring DN:

cn=listenerThread, cn=SAP, cn=instanceId, cn=Instance, 
  cn=OperatingSystem, cn=Product, cn=monitor

Entries below cn=SAP can contain the following groups of attributes:

  • name identifies the SAP name, either LDAP or LDAPS.

  • isSecure identifies whether LDAPS is used. If the value is TRUE, LDAPS is used.

  • host identifies the hostname of the current data source.

  • port identifies the port number to access this instance of Directory Proxy Server.

  • enabled identifies if the SAP is enabled.

  • operationalStatus identifies the status of the SAP. If the value is 2 or OK, the SAP is fully operational.

  • statusDescription provides a detailed status description.

  • startTime identifies the date and time at which the SAP was started.

  • stopTime identifies the date and time at which the SAP was stopped.

  • stopException provides a description of the error if a stop operation fails. If this attribute is empty, no error has occurred.

  • acceptedConnections identifies the number of accepted TCP connections. One counter exists for all LDAP operations. The counter is service agnostic.

  • refusedConnections identifies the number of refused TCP connections.